Let me take YOU to Marseille!

Basilika Notre Dame de la Garde

Basi­li­ka Not­re Dame de la Garde

This wee­kend two fri­ends and i deci­ded to go to Mar­seil­le for three days.
I can only recom­mend it to ever­yo­ne to try and tra­vel as much as pos­si­ble and as much as your bud­get allows you during your year abroad. It is a gre­at chan­ce to get to know and see as much as pos­si­ble of your host country.
In our case Mar­seil­le was our first port of call.
We boo­ked our trans­port to Mar­seil­le with Flix­Bus. We later found out that it would have been around 5€ che­a­per in total and an hour fas­ter with OUI­GO. So try and com­pa­re the pri­zes in advan­ce to get yours­elf the per­fect deal. We ended up pay­ing around 30€ in total for Flix­Bus.
Then we deci­ded to book an apart­ment just to our­sel­ves with AirB­nb whe­re we ended up pay­ing 118€.

The apart­ment was beau­ti­ful and just about 30 minu­tes by foot to the Vieux Port of Mar­seil­le and 15–20 minu­tes to the cen­tral sta­ti­on Saint Charles.
We got to Mar­seil­le on Fri­day at around 22 pm. We were real­ly hungry so went to get some­thing to eat as soon as we had sett­led into our apartment.
Near­by to our apart­ment the­re were a lot of restau­rants and bars. We picked  Le Couz´in.


Le Couz´in

It was alre­ady 11: 20 pm when we got the­re but they were real­ly nice and still made us warm food. Tapas and a few of Mar­seil­les most popu­lar fin­ger foods as it was their spe­cia­li­ty. We had some red wine with the food and it was a per­fect start to our litt­le week-end get away.
Howe­ver, it tur­ned out that our wai­ter spo­ke ger­man due to him doing his Eras­mus in Ger­ma­ny. What a coin­ci­dence! He was very fri­end­ly and nice to us and gave us some insi­de tips to Mar­seil­le as he was born the­re and grew up the­re as well.
So far food and drinks in Mar­seil­le were much che­a­per than in Lyon. We had like 5 Tapas but a lar­ge por­ti­on. Wine, a des­sert and ended up only pay­ing about 40€ which would have been way more in Lyon though you real­ly can­not com­p­lain about the qua­li­ty of food in Lyon as its cui­sine is con­s­i­de­red to be one of the best in Fran­ce. Hence the pri­zes i guess.
After­wards we went back home as we were real­ly tired and it was alre­ady 2 am. Fur­ther­mo­re we nee­ded to get out ear­ly tomor­row to see as much as we could.
The next day we grab­bed a cof­fee and some Maca­rons at the Bou­lan­ge­rie just around the cor­ner in front of the Tram­way sta­ti­on and went to the Vieux Port.

Vieux Port View from the Bus

Vieux Port: View from the Bus

Just at the Vieux Port we saw a few Tour bus­ses lined up. So, we did a Hop-on-Hop-off tour as Mar­seil­le was too lar­ge to see all its sights. We could hop-on and hop-off the bus until 6pm.
If you have a bit more time than we did you dont necessa­ri­ly have to do this tour as it is a waist of money, on my opi­ni­on. We got a 72 hours public trans­port ticket for 10 euros when we arri­ved in Mar­seil­le so we could have easi­ly taken the bus to go and see pla­ces it was just that we did not have the time and it was more con­ve­ni­ent for us this way. Apart from the Gare de Not­re-Dame I felt ever­y­thing was real­ly near­by to the port.
After the tour we went to a shop­ping mall near the Mucem. The Mucem first ope­ned on the 7th of March 2013 in honor of Mar­seil­le being nomi­na­ted the cul­tu­ral capi­tal of Europe.

We nee­ded to get Beach wear as it was hot­ter than expec­ted and we wan­ted to got swim­ming in the sea the next day. In the Mall i came across DEC­A­TH­LON for the first time. I know we have it in Ger­ma­ny, too. But i never even knew it exis­ted. Basi­cal­ly is a shop whe­re you can get very cheap but good qua­li­ty, all kinds of sports­we­ar and sports equipment.

Natu­ral­ly, as a girl i was in spen­ding spree the minu­te we got into the mall. By the way Fran­ce is gre­at for shopping! 😉

In the evening we wan­ted to go out for din­ner and have tra­di­tio­nal Mar­seil­le food. We were thin­king of Bouil­la­baisse which is a stew of saf­fron fla­vo­r­ed fish, vege­ta­bles and sea food. We che­cked a restau­rant out on Tri­pAd­vi­sor and hea­ded the­re. It was 30 minu­tes by foot from the View Port. It was a tiny but nice and calm restau­rant. When we got the­re, we dis­co­ve­r­ed that the­re were no tables for us as the restau­rant was com­ple­te­ly boo­ked out. Out­side the restau­rant the­re were a group of women smo­king that told us that it was prac­tical­ly impos­si­ble to get into good restau­rants without a reser­va­ti­on. She also told us that Bouil­la­baisse used to be a very com­mon food for poor peop­le becau­se it was made out of sea food lef­tovers but had beco­me very popu­lar over the years. One of the ladies deci­ded to go insi­de and ask the cook if he could make room for us or some­thing. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, the­re was not­hing he could do but he recom­men­ded us ano­t­her restau­rant: L´Arôme, which was just 20 minu­tes away.



Next stop L´Arôme. Boo­ked out, the wai­ter told us once we got the­re. Never­theless we asked him if we could come back a bit later and exp­lai­ned that we were hea­ding back home the fol­lo­wing day. He told us to come back in half an hour.

The­re­fo­re we deci­ded to go and have some drinks down the street befo­re din­ner and lan­ded in Le Couz´in, again. We had no idea that we were this clo­se to our accom­mo­da­ti­on. They were real­ly hap­py to see us and made room for us though they nor­mal­ly did not have any seats insi­de for peop­le just having drinks.

Short­ly after that we hea­ded back to the restau­rant. They made us one of the best food i have ever had! The qua­li­ty was excel­lent and the ingre­dients were very fresh. Plus the des­sert was a dream. I can only recom­mend it.

After din­ner we went to Le Couz´in for a cock­tail befo­re going back home and cal­ling it a day.

Sunday… almost time to go back home!

We went to the Bou­lan­ge­rie again to get cof­fee and bread and the lady working the­re reco­gni­zed us. Next we went to the Palais Long­champ whe­re we took pic­tures like regu­lar tou­rists. Moreo­ver we had an encoun­ter with ger­man speaking adults from Switzerland.

Then we wal­ked to a near­by Café i had read some­thing about and had a tea and just rela­xed and read news­pa­per. It was a very chil­led Sunday. Just how i like it! We also deba­ted about stay­ing ano­t­her day or retur­ning back home to the real life. I did not have uni the next day but we knew it was pro­bab­ly more respon­si­ble to go back home. 😀

Final­ly, it got war­mer which meant BEACHT­I­ME. We went to the Vieux Port whe­re we had to walk 20 minu­tes from the­re to the beach.

Sur­pri­sin­gly the­re were a lot of peop­le at the beach con­s­i­de­ring that we were alre­ady in Octo­ber. The water was cold but once you were in it was all good.

It was now time to lea­ve and head back home, pack all our stuff and go to the Cen­tral sta­ti­on. But ins­te­ad of lea­ving the beach we were deba­ting whe­ther or not to stay ano­t­her day again! 😀

If the­re is one thing i can add it is that we had to RUN to catch our bus!!!!


Until next time xx


-Art of Growing-

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