Let me take YOU to Marseille!

Basilika Notre Dame de la Garde

Basilika Notre Dame de la Garde

This weekend two friends and i decided to go to Marseille for three days.
I can only recommend it to everyone to try and travel as much as possible and as much as your budget allows you during your year abroad. It is a great chance to get to know and see as much as possible of your host country.
In our case Marseille was our first port of call.
We booked our transport to Marseille with FlixBus. We later found out that it would have been around 5€ cheaper in total and an hour faster with OUIGO. So try and compare the prizes in advance to get yourself the perfect deal. We ended up paying around 30€ in total for FlixBus.
Then we decided to book an apartment just to ourselves with AirBnb where we ended up paying 118€.

The apartment was beautiful and just about 30 minutes by foot to the Vieux Port of Marseille and 15-20 minutes to the central station Saint Charles.
We got to Marseille on Friday at around 22 pm. We were really hungry so went to get something to eat as soon as we had settled into our apartment.
Nearby to our apartment there were a lot of restaurants and bars. We picked  Le Couz´in.


Le Couz´in

It was already 11: 20 pm when we got there but they were really nice and still made us warm food. Tapas and a few of Marseilles most popular finger foods as it was their speciality. We had some red wine with the food and it was a perfect start to our little week-end get away.
However, it turned out that our waiter spoke german due to him doing his Erasmus in Germany. What a coincidence! He was very friendly and nice to us and gave us some inside tips to Marseille as he was born there and grew up there as well.
So far food and drinks in Marseille were much cheaper than in Lyon. We had like 5 Tapas but a large portion. Wine, a dessert and ended up only paying about 40€ which would have been way more in Lyon though you really cannot complain about the quality of food in Lyon as its cuisine is considered to be one of the best in France. Hence the prizes i guess.
Afterwards we went back home as we were really tired and it was already 2 am. Furthermore we needed to get out early tomorrow to see as much as we could.
The next day we grabbed a coffee and some Macarons at the Boulangerie just around the corner in front of the Tramway station and went to the Vieux Port.

Vieux Port View from the Bus

Vieux Port: View from the Bus

Just at the Vieux Port we saw a few Tour busses lined up. So, we did a Hop-on-Hop-off tour as Marseille was too large to see all its sights. We could hop-on and hop-off the bus until 6pm.
If you have a bit more time than we did you dont necessarily have to do this tour as it is a waist of money, on my opinion. We got a 72 hours public transport ticket for 10 euros when we arrived in Marseille so we could have easily taken the bus to go and see places it was just that we did not have the time and it was more convenient for us this way. Apart from the Gare de Notre-Dame I felt everything was really nearby to the port.
After the tour we went to a shopping mall near the Mucem. The Mucem first opened on the 7th of March 2013 in honor of Marseille being nominated the cultural capital of Europe.

We needed to get Beach wear as it was hotter than expected and we wanted to got swimming in the sea the next day. In the Mall i came across DECATHLON for the first time. I know we have it in Germany, too. But i never even knew it existed. Basically is a shop where you can get very cheap but good quality, all kinds of sportswear and sports equipment.

Naturally, as a girl i was in spending spree the minute we got into the mall. By the way France is great for shopping! 😉

In the evening we wanted to go out for dinner and have traditional Marseille food. We were thinking of Bouillabaisse which is a stew of saffron flavored fish, vegetables and sea food. We checked a restaurant out on TripAdvisor and headed there. It was 30 minutes by foot from the View Port. It was a tiny but nice and calm restaurant. When we got there, we discovered that there were no tables for us as the restaurant was completely booked out. Outside the restaurant there were a group of women smoking that told us that it was practically impossible to get into good restaurants without a reservation. She also told us that Bouillabaisse used to be a very common food for poor people because it was made out of sea food leftovers but had become very popular over the years. One of the ladies decided to go inside and ask the cook if he could make room for us or something. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do but he recommended us another restaurant: L´Arôme, which was just 20 minutes away.



Next stop L´Arôme. Booked out, the waiter told us once we got there. Nevertheless we asked him if we could come back a bit later and explained that we were heading back home the following day. He told us to come back in half an hour.

Therefore we decided to go and have some drinks down the street before dinner and landed in Le Couz´in, again. We had no idea that we were this close to our accommodation. They were really happy to see us and made room for us though they normally did not have any seats inside for people just having drinks.

Shortly after that we headed back to the restaurant. They made us one of the best food i have ever had! The quality was excellent and the ingredients were very fresh. Plus the dessert was a dream. I can only recommend it.

After dinner we went to Le Couz´in for a cocktail before going back home and calling it a day.

Sunday… almost time to go back home!

We went to the Boulangerie again to get coffee and bread and the lady working there recognized us. Next we went to the Palais Longchamp where we took pictures like regular tourists. Moreover we had an encounter with german speaking adults from Switzerland.

Then we walked to a nearby Café i had read something about and had a tea and just relaxed and read newspaper. It was a very chilled Sunday. Just how i like it! We also debated about staying another day or returning back home to the real life. I did not have uni the next day but we knew it was probably more responsible to go back home. 😀

Finally, it got warmer which meant BEACHTIME. We went to the Vieux Port where we had to walk 20 minutes from there to the beach.

Surprisingly there were a lot of people at the beach considering that we were already in October. The water was cold but once you were in it was all good.

It was now time to leave and head back home, pack all our stuff and go to the Central station. But instead of leaving the beach we were debating whether or not to stay another day again! 😀

If there is one thing i can add it is that we had to RUN to catch our bus!!!!


Until next time xx


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