Moutarde, Moutarde et… Moutard!


„Seinen Senf dazugeben

This is a very typical german proverb which means, if you translate it word for word to add in ones mustard. In english you would say „to add in one´s two cents“. And this brings me to my next topic Dijon which lies in the Burgundy region of France.

When i told my friends and family that i was going to Dijon the first thing they asked me was: „But why Dijon? There are other places worth seeing in France. They only have mustard!“ Well, yes they do BUT not only!

Last two weeks Friday a friend of mine asked me spontaneously if i was interested in going to Dijon with her. I must admit i was hesitant at first because, like i said previously, it is not really popular. Luckily, i still gave it a go!

We decided that it would be easier and cheaper to get there by BlaBlaCar. I had no idea that BlablaCar in France was more expensive, not much but still more compared to Germany. The reservation fee is higher in France which i find weird as it is a french company.

Nevertheless we ended up paying about 25€ in total to go and come. Last week Thursday was the day! I had to get up at 5:30 am as our lift was at 7 am. Our BlaBlaCar driver was super organized. He even sent us a street plan of where exactly he wanted us to meet. I found it funny since it was the first time someone had sent me an actual street map. Then i decided to change the meeting point as my friend and i had chosen two different ones which was just unnecessary i thought. Now guess what? Off course, he also had a street map of the new location. 😀

Our driver was very friendly and gave us, well not really me but my friend as i was catching up on some sleep,  some tipps on what we needed to see in Dijon.

9:25 am: Nous sommes arrivées!

My first impression of Dijon was that it was very cold. Colder than in Lyon. We walked to the Tourist Office at the center of Dijon. There, we bought a Tower-Tour-Ticket and a city plan alongside some postcards we wanted to send to our families and friends. Almost forgot…And mustard. Buy it there! Strangely most of it is cheaper at the Tourist Office.

Our tour was at 11:15 am so there was some time left to visit a few sights. Another significant difference to Lyon was that Dijon was much smaller and there were only a few cars in the city center. I found this very relaxing. No need to fear to get hit by a car as i always do in Lyon. Moreover the city is very clean and chic!

Another amazing thing about the streets in Dijon´s city center is that the entire footpath is marked with arrows and its owl Symbol which are set into the floor slabs. Basically it is like a path leading you to all Dijon´s most important sights hence you cannot get lost as they are also numbered. How cool is that!!

Further the owl called „la Chouette“ has a very significant meaning in Dijon. It stands for luck and is embedded in the supporting pillars of the Notre-Dame church in Dijon. It is believed that, if you touch the owl with your left hand and your heart with the right hand and then make a wish, the wish will come to pass.

I did! My wish definitely came to pass. BUT … i can´t tell. 😉 

Make a wish <3

Make a wish <3

Now i am going to give you a short list of all the things you should see when you go to Dijon:

  1. Jardin Darcy (reminded me of the parc de retiro in Madrid)
  2. Porte Guillaume, which is from the 18th century (looks like the Arc the Triomphe in Paris)
  3. Place Francois Rude 
  4. Maison Millière (I love this building. I am a big fan of the Middle Ages and it is a typical medieval building. Plus just right next to the building there is a lovely mustard shop where you can have an unsupervised tasting.)
  5. Place du Théâtre: here there are 3 different sights. La Nef, Eglise St. Michel and Le Théâtre. 
  6. Square des Ducs 
  7. L´Hôtel de Ville 
  8. Musée des Beaux Arts (I have been to the one in Lyon 3 times. The one in Dijon is free though)

    Musée des Beaux Arts

    Musée des Beaux Arts

  9. Palais des Ducs et des Etats de Bourgogne 
  10. Tour Philippe le Bon (here you have a beautiful view over Dijon)
  11. Place de la Liberation 
  12. Palais de Justice (Don´t even try getting in cause i did! There are surveillance cameras everywhere. There was also a lady that tried to get us in :D)

There is more but this is what you can see in a day. Besides everything is really nearby. Finally, i want to tell you something about Dijons famous mustard!

The city is known worldwide for its mustard but did you know that it could be produced anywhere?The name stands only for its recipe but not for its descent. Moreover most of its mustard seeds is imported from Canada. So beware. If you want an original Dijon mustard make sure the wording „Burgundy“ is mentioned. 😉

Bissous and until next time! <3 xx