Moutar­de, Moutar­de et… Moutard!


Sei­nen Senf dazu­ge­ben

This is a very typi­cal ger­man pro­verb which means, if you trans­la­te it word for word to add in ones mus­tard. In english you would say “to add in one´s two cents”. And this brings me to my next topic Dijon which lies in the Bur­gun­dy regi­on of France.

When i told my fri­ends and fami­ly that i was going to Dijon the first thing they asked me was: “But why Dijon? The­re are other pla­ces worth see­ing in Fran­ce. They only have mus­tard!” Well, yes they do BUT not only!

Last two weeks Fri­day a fri­end of mine asked me spon­ta­neous­ly if i was inte­rested in going to Dijon with her. I must admit i was hesi­tant at first becau­se, like i said pre­vious­ly, it is not real­ly popu­lar. Luck­i­ly, i still gave it a go!

We deci­ded that it would be easier and che­a­per to get the­re by Bla­Bla­Car. I had no idea that Bla­bla­Car in Fran­ce was more expen­si­ve, not much but still more com­pa­red to Ger­ma­ny. The reser­va­ti­on fee is hig­her in Fran­ce which i find weird as it is a french company.

Never­theless we ended up pay­ing about 25€ in total to go and come. Last week Thurs­day was the day! I had to get up at 5:30 am as our lift was at 7 am. Our Bla­Bla­Car dri­ver was super orga­ni­zed. He even sent us a street plan of whe­re exact­ly he wan­ted us to meet. I found it fun­ny sin­ce it was the first time someo­ne had sent me an actu­al street map. Then i deci­ded to chan­ge the mee­ting point as my fri­end and i had cho­sen two dif­fe­rent ones which was just unne­cessa­ry i thought. Now guess what? Off cour­se, he also had a street map of the new location. 😀

Our dri­ver was very fri­end­ly and gave us, well not real­ly me but my fri­end as i was catching up on some sleep,  some tipps on what we nee­ded to see in Dijon.

9:25 am: Nous som­mes arrivées!

My first impres­si­on of Dijon was that it was very cold. Col­der than in Lyon. We wal­ked to the Tou­rist Office at the cen­ter of Dijon. The­re, we bought a Tower-Tour-Ticket and a city plan along­side some post­cards we wan­ted to send to our fami­lies and fri­ends. Almost for­got…And mus­tard. Buy it the­re! Stran­ge­ly most of it is che­a­per at the Tou­rist Office.

Our tour was at 11:15 am so the­re was some time left to visit a few sights. Ano­t­her signi­fi­cant dif­fe­rence to Lyon was that Dijon was much smal­ler and the­re were only a few cars in the city cen­ter. I found this very rela­xing. No need to fear to get hit by a car as i always do in Lyon. Moreo­ver the city is very clean and chic!

Ano­t­her ama­zing thing about the stre­ets in Dijon´s city cen­ter is that the ent­i­re foot­path is mar­ked with arrows and its owl Sym­bol which are set into the floor slabs. Basi­cal­ly it is like a path lea­ding you to all Dijon´s most important sights hence you can­not get lost as they are also num­be­red. How cool is that!!

Fur­t­her the owl cal­led “la Chou­et­te” has a very signi­fi­cant mea­ning in Dijon. It stands for luck and is embed­ded in the sup­porting pil­lars of the Not­re-Dame church in Dijon. It is belie­ved that, if you touch the owl with your left hand and your heart with the right hand and then make a wish, the wish will come to pass.

I did! My wish defi­ni­te­ly came to pass. BUT … i can´t tell. 😉 

Make a wish <3

Make a wish <3

Now i am going to give you a short list of all the things you should see when you go to Dijon:

  1. Jar­din Dar­cy (remin­ded me of the parc de reti­ro in Madrid)
  2. Por­te Guil­lau­me, which is from the 18th cen­tu­ry (looks like the Arc the Triom­phe in Paris)
  3. Place Fran­cois Rude 
  4. Mai­son Mil­liè­re (I love this buil­ding. I am a big fan of the Midd­le Ages and it is a typi­cal medi­eval buil­ding. Plus just right next to the buil­ding the­re is a lovely mus­tard shop whe­re you can have an unsu­per­vi­sed tasting.)
  5. Place du Théât­re: here the­re are 3 dif­fe­rent sights. La Nef, Egli­se St. Michel and Le Théât­re. 
  6. Squa­re des Ducs 
  7. L´Hôtel de Ville 
  8. Musée des Beaux Arts (I have been to the one in Lyon 3 times. The one in Dijon is free though) 

    Musée des Beaux Arts

    Musée des Beaux Arts

  9. Palais des Ducs et des Etats de Bourgogne 
  10. Tour Phil­ip­pe le Bon (here you have a beau­ti­ful view over Dijon)
  11. Place de la Liberation 
  12. Palais de Jus­ti­ce (Don´t even try get­ting in cau­se i did! The­re are sur­veil­lan­ce came­ras ever­y­whe­re. The­re was also a lady that tried to get us in :D)

The­re is more but this is what you can see in a day. Bes­i­des ever­y­thing is real­ly near­by. Final­ly, i want to tell you some­thing about Dijons famous mustard!

The city is known world­wi­de for its mus­tard but did you know that it could be pro­du­ced any­whe­re?The name stands only for its reci­pe but not for its descent. Moreo­ver most of its mus­tard seeds is impor­ted from Cana­da. So bewa­re. If you want an ori­gi­nal Dijon mus­tard make sure the word­ing “Bur­gun­dy” is mentioned. 😉

Bis­sous and until next time! <3 xx