Eras­mus-Sur­vey: EVA­LUA­TI­ON

Second semes­ter is offi­ci­al­ly over, guys!

Eras­mus stu­dents are con­stant­ly par­ty­ing and tra­ve­ling. Moreo­ver they rare­ly have to stu­dy as they do not have that much cour­ses any­way!

To put it in short being on Eras­mus is a blast.

So it seems… I aked about 70 peop­le what Eras­mus real­ly is.

© The Eras­mus­bi­ble on Face­book “Ready for the second semes­ter?”

While our par­ents think that we are blo­wing all our money on wha­te­ver our rela­ti­ves think that we are stu­dy­ing so much we bare­ly have time to go out.

But they are not the only ones with an opi­ni­on on our day to day Eras­mus life.

Our pro­fes­sors think that we only came to escape actual­ly having to stu­dy in our own coun­try.

Our fri­ends think that we are chil­ling all day, slee­ping, club­bing, drin­king and going out on various dates etc.

Are the­se alle­ga­ti­ons true or fal­se? Well the ans­wer seems so simp­le but let us find out toge­ther!

New time­ta­ble, new cour­ses, new pro­fes­sors and even new crowd of peop­le. But that is not all! This actual­ly means that for some of us the Eras­mus expe­ri­ence is offi­ci­al­ly com­ing to an end. Hence we will be say­ing good­bye to good fri­ends (some, we unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly just met recent­ly and are still won­de­ring why we did not meet them befo­re…).
A while ago i car­ri­ed out a sur­vey in which some of you took part in. For this i asked about 70 peop­le to join me in. Both girls and boys. I was inte­rested in what the average Eras­mus stu­dents thought, did and expe­ri­en­ced at their arri­val to Lyon. Here is the eva­lua­ti­on of the sur­vey!

What does/ did the regu­lar Eras­mus stu­dent think?”

Is/ Are the average Eras­mus-Stu­dent, -s in a rela­ti­ons­hip or sin­gle?”

Will/ Was my bud­get (be) enough?”

Do/ Did i par­ty too much or go out too much?”

Do/ Did i drink too much?”

If the­se are your ques­ti­on let us look at the ans­wers toge­ther.

1. In what Uni Year are you?

1: 0%
2: 11,5
3: 50%
4: 15,9%
5: 18,2%
More: 4,5%

2. How long are you stay­ing?

  • 1 Semes­ter: 65,9%
  • 2 Semes­ter: 34,1%

3. Would you like to extend your stay?

  • Yes: 13,6%
  • No: 52,3%
  • Yes, but i can­not: 34,1%

4. Are your stu­dies reco­gni­zed at your Home Uni­ver­si­ty?

Yes: 61,4%
No: 9,1%
Par­ti­al­ly: 29,5%

5. What is the main rea­son for your Eras­mus mobi­li­ty?

  • Fun/ Tra­vel: 4,5%
  • Requi­red for stu­dies: 11,4%
  • Learn a new lan­guage: 0%
  • Advan­ce your lan­guage skills: 29,5%
  • Get to know other peop­le: 2,3%
  • Expand your hori­zon: 50%
  • Other: 2,3%

6. How many cour­ses do you take?

  • Up to 3: 13,6%
  • 3–5: 29,5%
  • More than 5: 56,8%

Now this one is very inte­res­ting. We are all on the same Eras­mus mobi­li­ty pro­gram but our uni­ver­si­ties are the ones deci­ding on how many credit points we need. In Frank­furt, Ger­ma­ny for examp­le Eras­mus-Stu­dents only have to pass 2 exams which equals 10 ECTS points, same as most of the ita­li­ans i spo­ke to. Whe­re­as i need 30 ECTS points which are 6 cour­ses per semes­ter i have to pass. I know…how does that add up? It varies stron­gly from coun­try to coun­try and from each uni­ver­si­ty.

7. What is your mon­th­ly bud­get?

So now let us talk about money…

  • Under 1000€: 65,9%
  • 1000€-1200€: 27,3%
  • 1200€-1500€: 6,8%
  • More than 1500€: 0%

It is offi­ci­al lea­ving the coun­try does not necessa­ri­ly make us richer 😀
Frank­ly speaking, living in Fran­ce is very expensive…really expensive…ridiculously expen­si­ve some­ti­mes com­pa­red to Ger­ma­ny.

8. So how do we cope with being poor stu­dents? On a sca­le from 1–5 (1 not at all- 5 pret­ty good)

  • 1: 2,3%
  • 2: 4,6%
  • 3: 43,2%
  • 4: 31,8%
  • 5: 18,2%

9. What do you do in your leisu­re time?

  • Sports: 50%
  • Music: 38,6%
  • Work: 15,9%
  • Tra­vel: 90,9%

10. Did you know anyo­ne befo­re com­ing here?

  • No”: 17x - a lot of you gave this ans­wer
  • Two girls from my uni at home.” - 
  • Some other stu­dents from my home uni­ver­si­ty are stay­ing here as well and we’ve ope­ned a Face­book chat with all fres­hers and Eras­mus stu­dents befo­re our arri­val.”
  • I had some con­tacts in Lyon that I got thru my work in my home coun­try.”
  • My boy­fri­end.”
  • I have a fri­end from Lyon, howe­ver she goes to uni in Stras­bourg.”
  • Je con­naît per­son­ne.”
  • I didn’t know anyo­ne here, but met a new fri­end on my first day.”
  • Yes, but only ano­t­her stu­dent from my uni­ver­si­ty. We don’t have (almost) any con­tact. So I think it’s more ‘no’ this ques­ti­on.”
  • Yes, i knew sone french girls i met in Paris.”
  • Yes. Some fri­ends from Roma­nia.”
  • No, not real­ly. I spo­ke to some Peop­le on Face­book befo­re I got here.”
  • Yes my best fri­end.”
  • No, I didn’t. I pre­fe­red to do this expe­ri­ence all by my self to get to know mys­elf bet­ter and beco­me more inde­pen­dent and self-con­fi­dent.”

11. Are you in a Rela­ti­ons­hip?

  • Yes: 47,7%
  • No: 52,3%

11. 1. For tho­se that ans­we­red the pre­vious ques­ti­on with ´YES´: How long have you been toge­ther?

  • Recent­ly: 4,8%
  • Less than 2 years: 42,8%
  • More than 2 years: 52,4%

12. How do you deal with your Long-Distan­ce-Rela­ti­ons­hip?

  • She/ He is also doing an Eras­mus here: 13,6%
  • Good: 45,5%
  • Ok: 27,3%
  • Dif­fi­cult: 13,6%

13. How often do you go out per week?

  • Once a week: 36,4%
  • I do not go out: 6,8%
  • More than twice a week: 56,8%

14. How much do you drink? (alco­hol)

  • A lot (more than in my Home­town): 86%
  • Decent amount (not that much/ once in a while): 12%
  • I do not drink: 2%

15. What do you like about your Eras­mus so far?

  • Get­ting to know new peop­le, tra­vel, expe­ri­ence a dif­fe­rent cul­tu­re, learning the lan­guage.”
  • My French is impro­ving every day which is gre­at!”
  • I also love mee­ting new peop­le and dis­co­vering beau­ti­ful parts of Fran­ce and of Lyon that I’ve never come across befo­re.”
  • Ever­y­day is exci­ting. I lea­ve the hou­se ever­y­day thin­king any­thing can hap­pen. And some­thing usual­ly does, even if is just mee­ting someo­ne new and dif­fe­rent peop­le.”
  • Peop­le from so many coun­tries around the world.”
  • Lyon as a city is so beau­ti­ful :).” 
  • The lec­tu­re and the Men­sa.”
  • Eras­mus m’a don­né des bases pour le future.”
  • The city and the land­s­capes of this beau­ti­ful coun­try – peop­le could be nicer on my opi­ni­on (the French !! :D).”
  • My internship and activi­ties i mana­ge to do with peop­le i met hereI like. Living in a dif­fe­rent and rather lar­ge city.”
  • Stu­dy­ing in a dif­fe­rent lan­guage.”
  • La pos­si­bi­lité de voya­ger et décou­vrir les villes/villages près de Lyon mais aus­si la pos­si­bi­lité de amé­lio­rer mes com­pé­ten­ces avec la lan­gue.”
  • Ever­y­thing you learn about yours­elf, life, others,…”
  • I’ve met some gre­at peop­le and the modu­les are gre­at, becau­se I could choo­se them free­ly and focus com­ple­te­ly on my inte­rests.”
  • I feel more strong and respons­able, I know that I can live abroad alo­ne and I can enjoy it. I love the con­ti­nuous chal­len­ge to meet new peop­le, to stu­dy in ano­t­her lan­guage etc.. it makes you feel ali­ve.”

16. What was your least plea­sant expe­ri­ence so far?

  • The admin and stress at the start of the year.”
  • Very unor­ga­nis­ed Uni­ver­si­ty.”
  • Least plea­sant expe­ri­ence was pro­bab­ly rude encoun­ters with stran­gers.”
  • Dealing with awful french peop­le.”
  • The admi­nis­tra­ti­on in Fran­ce is not effi­ci­ent at all! And I think the uni­ver­si­ty here (uni­ver­sité lumiè­re Lyon 2) is qui­te unor­ga­ni­zed and unhel­pful at times.”
  • The amount of alco­hol con­su­med on a regu­lar basis.”
  • Par­ti­ci­pa­ting in a pub quiz.”
  • My “sta­ge hos­pi­ta­lier” is very dif­fi­cult, I didn’t mana­ge to fit in so far.”
  • The pri­ces at the super­mar­ket^^.”
  • Losing stuff.”
  • Pro­blems with fin­ding flats or with owners.”
  • Trip to the Coast.”
  • ERAS­MUS inte­gra­ti­on-par­ty.” 
  • Pas­ser du temps avec ma famil­le et mes nou­veaux amies français en Lyon.
  • Hal­lo­ween Par­ty.”
  • Trip to beau­jo­lais.”
  • For the first two weeks I stay­ed in a sha­red flat with 2 French and 2 Mexi­cans and the flat was dis­gus­ting ! I didn’t even had a door to clo­se my room, but I was despe­ra­te as it was so dif­fi­cult to find a flat here. Luck­i­ly, I moved again!” 
  • That one cour­se whe­re I didn’t under­stand a word.”
  • The French admi­nis­tra­ti­on. The public trans­port is only until mid­ni­ght.”
  • Sear­ching a flat; Struggling to find accom­mo­da­ti­on.”
  • I had many pro­blems in my stu­dent resi­dence.”
  • Some trou­bles with my room­ma­tes but not­hing major.”
  • The least plea­sant expe­ri­ence is my resi­dence becau­se I live alo­ne with no con­tacts with other peop­le in it.”
  • Fin­ding some­whe­re to live it took me over a month and in the mean time I had to move 3 times with air bnb.”

17. Would you con­si­der being well pre­pa­red for your mobi­li­ty by your Home Uni­ver­si­ty?

  • Yes: 31,8%
  • No: 38,6%
  • It depends: 29,5%

18. How do you mana­ge being Home­sick?

  • I am not home­sick.”  37x.
  • Eating sweets and going on, sky­ping to the fami­ly.”
  • I do plenty of things to reg­ret not­hing. It’s only 5 mon­ths.”
  • Je ne souffre pas trop de home­sick car je suis habituée à habi­ter tou­te seu­le. Ceci se n’est pas ma pre­miè­re expe­ri­ence à l’étranger.”
  • I Face­book call my sib­lings and par­ents and have an ongo­ing fb chat with my fri­ends from back home.”
  • I am not real­ly home­sick. It’s good to be away for once. And just grow as a per­son. Be more inde­pen­dent.” 
  • It s tough but it´s easier when you talk with your fri­ends about it.”
  • I mana­ge it becau­se it’s only 4 mon­ths. Pro­bab­ly if it was one year I would come back home at least every 3 mon­ths.”
  • At first it was real­ly hard being away from my boy­fri­end, but after 3 or 4 weeks it got a lot easier.”
  • I don’t miss my fami­ly all that much as I don’t see them very often in my home­coun­try eit­her.”
  • I’ve been away for 5 mon­ths befo­re.”
  • Due to sky­pe, I’m not real­ly home­sick. Addi­tio­nal­ly, the best way that home­sick­ness doesn’t occur is to meet other peop­le and expe­ri­ence gre­at things toge­ther.”
  • Just cry haha and hope it gets bet­ter soon, call someo­ne at home or just go out and do some­thing fun with fri­ends.”
  • I invi­te a lot of fri­ends to visit :-).”

19. Would you recom­mend this Eras­mus- Pro­gram?

  • Yes: 95,5%
  • No: /
  • It depends: 4,5%

Wri­ting this arti­cle made me rea­li­ze again how beau­ti­ful, uni­que and spe­cial this expe­ri­ence is. It may not seem this way all the time. Espe­ci­al­ly when unpre­dic­ted things hap­pen. But i think that we all can agree that Eras­mus brigh­tens our hori­zon. We meet peop­le who bene­fit our lifes in various ways. Peop­le that make us ques­ti­on our­sel­ves may­be. We stumb­le over obstacles…we over­co­me them and it makes us stron­ger. For tho­se going home: I wish you all a safe jour­ney back home and fri­endships that will last you a life­time.
For tho­se stay­ing: cheers to a hope­ful­ly even bet­ter second semes­ter! <3

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