Nachts an der Küs­te der Nie­der­lan­de

Wild cam­pen? Geht doch!

Außer du suchst dir eine Nacht mit zu viel Wind. Ver­sucht die­se Wör­ter im Gedächt­nis zu behal­ten, bevor ihr Cam­pen in der Wild­nis aus­pro­biert. Sucht euch ein­fach einen schö­nen und ruhi­gen Strand aus. Defi­ni­tiv, wählt kei­nen Tag mit schlech­ten Wet­ter an einer kal­ten und win­di­gen Küs­te in den Nie­der­lan­den. Nicht, wie Cate und ich das gemacht haben. Nach­dem wir im Wald ver­sucht hat­ten, einen ver­steck­ten Platz zu fin­den, haben wir doch fast direkt am Meer unser Lager auf­ge­schla­gen. Es ist für uns schon fast zur Gewohn­heit gewor­den, dass wenn wir unser Ziel errei­chen, es schon dun­kel wird. Mit Glück haben wir noch ein klei­nes Volks­fest ent­deckt. Als wir am Strand ent­lang lie­fen, hieß uns ein Feu­er­werk will­kom­men.

Wild cam­ping? Pret­ty gre­at, until the wind comes into play. Remem­ber the­se wor­ds of wis­dom if you ever plan on cam­ping on the beach and make sure to find yours­elf a nice and calm coast. And defi­ni­te­ly, don’t choo­se a day of bad wea­ther in the cold and win­dy coast of the Nether­lands like Cate and I did. So we ended up choo­sing to camp pret­ty much in front of the sea after wal­king in the forest in search of a more hid­den place. As it has beco­me a habit for us, for the time we had reached our final desti­na­ti­on it was get­ting dark alre­ady and with our luck, we found a fair going on in the litt­le town we had cho­sen for the night, we were even wel­co­med by fire­works as we were wal­king on the beach.

So for the time we star­ted to look for a place to sleep it was near­ly ele­ven o’clock, which is the time we ent­e­red the litt­le reser­va­ti­on near the beach to find a cam­ping spot. We always go for a cove­r­ed place which makes forests our best choice and unfail­ab­le fri­end. This night though the forest was dark and with no moon to be seen it had tur­ned (from a lovely place during day light) into a place whe­re myste­ry awai­ted in every cor­ner and let alo­ne the wind and the sound of the trees moving, you could hear the noi­se of some­thing else moving from time to time and when we final­ly heard the sound of an old door ope­ning (if it was a door we’ll never know for sure) we ran out from the forest back to the safe­ty of the stre­ets and star­ted to search again. Final­ly, we deci­ded to camp in an open space; we found a dune of sand that was somehow cove­r­ed by vege­ta­ti­on and would made the tent hard­ly visi­ble from the street. Now, the tent was a who­le adven­ture on its own. I mean, in nor­mal con­di­ti­ons it wouldn’t have been that bad, taking into con­s­i­de­ra­ti­on that our tent is easy to build, but the main pro­blem was the wind. It was blo­wing so hard that we were genui­nely sca­red that the tent would fly away at some point. We final­ly mana­ged to put up the tent, get insi­de and eat some­thing while the who­le thing was shaking like cra­zy. We tried to put our back­packs in a way that would pro­vi­de some sup­port to the tent and went to sleep for a few hours. During the who­le night, the tent never stop­ped shaking but as we fell asleep, pro­blems dis­sol­ved into dreams; we could worry next morning at 5:00 a.m when we would have to wake up any­way befo­re someo­ne could dis­co­ver our cam­ping spot.

But as we woke up, the sun was slow­ly com­ing out, and with the sun­ri­se and the fee­ling of waking up next to the oce­an, the smell of the salt in the air and the vege­ta­ti­on loo­king soft as silk under the shy light of the morning sun, it was just the fee­ling of some­thing extra­or­di­na­ry going on. The­re have been few moments in which I have felt so ali­ve. We get so caught up in what we see or do on a dai­ly basis, in our expec­ta­ti­ons of how things work, that we for­get that the­se moments are pos­si­ble. You for­get that if you throw your expec­ta­ti­ons and cau­ti­on to the wind, it may take you to a sta­te of pure enjoy­ment. A place you would think is the har­dest to lea­ve. Even­tual­ly, we kept on going though, we had a long way ahead of us that day.

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