Und schon ist ein Monat rum

Von Trier aus nach Luxem­burg, durch Bel­gi­en, Fes­te mit­ma­chen und wei­ter nach Brüg­ge, wie in einem Mär­chen sieht das dort aus, wei­ter in die Nie­der­lan­de, die Küs­te ent­lang­lau­fen, wei­ter bis in das ver­rück­te Ams­ter­dam tram­pen. Da haben wir eine neue Mit­rei­sen­de ken­nen­ge­lernt und sind zusam­men bis nach Nord­deutsch­land, Ham­burg und Bre­men, gereist. Nächs­te Sta­ti­on Copen­ha­gen…

From Trier to Luxem­bourg, pas­sing through Bel­gi­um, the Gens­ten Fes­ten and fai­ry tale Brug­ge, in the Nether­lands wal­ked down the coast and arri­ved in cra­zy Ams­ter­dam, met a new com­pa­n­ion and kept on our way to the north of the coun­try befo­re crossing the next bor­der back to Ger­ma­ny (Bre­men and Ham­burg) which lead us to Den­mark and final­ly now Copen­ha­gen…

And as fast as time flies, we have been on the move for a month. It is always hard to recall how much time has pas­sed sin­ce the begin­ning of our trip. We don’t plan a rou­te of cities to visit, nor how long it will take us from one place to the next one. How long are we stay­ing? Yeah, why stres­sing so much. We live and deci­de ever­y­thing in the moment and for a chan­ge, it is a com­ple­te relie­ve to just let yours­elf go and be sur­pri­sed by the out­co­me of your lack of deci­si­on making. Cities are always a plea­su­re to visit and cam­ping wild in natu­re can be one of the most rewar­ding expe­ri­en­ces you can ima­gi­ne. We are rest­less and tired when the night falls, but ama­zed of how much we have achie­ved by the end of each day. Days feel like weeks, weeks feel like mon­ths.

As we left Ams­ter­dam, I had to admit that I didn’t expec­ted to have had such a gre­at time the­re. The city as such is beau­ti­ful, with the canal run­ning through the city, the hou­ses thin and tall, all simi­lar and all so dif­fe­rent and at night the lights reflec­ted on the water… is also a city whe­re we felt real­ly free in many ways, some­ti­mes a city of excess, but in that same excess we found what makes of the city some­thing real­ly spe­cial. At the begin­ning we had deci­ded to stay just for two nights which ended up ina a four nights stay. The per­son who said that the place is not the important part, but who you meet in it, was most pro­bab­ly enlightened​. In Ams­ter­dam we stay­ed at an old, cra­zy man’s hou­se who was hos­ting eight peop­le through couch­sur­fing. We found our­sel­ves at home instant­ly and actual­ly found our third tra­ve­ler.

Yes, that’s right, is not only Cate and me against the world now, we found ano­t­her girl cra­zy enough to join us for a time. Toge­ther we star­ted a new jour­ney that led us to Alme­re, pro­bab­ly not the most incredi­ble city in the Nether­lands but a first in many ways. It was the first time for Pra­mi­la (Sin­g­a­po­re) to hitch­hi­ke and our first time hitch­hi­king under the rain. I’m proud to say that we made it to dri­ve at least good 60 km that day, and alt­hough I know it sounds like not­hing, for how it was rai­ning (becau­se it see­med to us that the sky was fal­ling down) we were ama­zed that we kept fin­ding rides. The guy that took us final­ly to Alme­re even gave us a bott­le of vine after we a gre­at tie tal­king about ever­y­thing and not­hing. After we had made it to Alme­re, we wan­ted to go fur­t­her, with the aim of get­ting to Gronnin­gen and visit two fri­ends we had made in our way in Brug­ge. Litt­le did we know that we would end up in the midd­le of the high­way, all wet and with a ‘Help’ sign in our hands. And still, no car would stop. As we were losing hope a woman in the most dif­fi­cult tiny car stop­ped for us (thank God) and somehow we mana­ged to fit all in that tiny vehi­cle with our back­packs in our laps. But thing is, she had seen us from the other side and had been kind enough to pick us up but, all in all, we ended up, after so much strugg­le to get out of the city, in the city again and star­ted loo­king for a couch­sur­fer. All the time the rain never sea­sed and we were wet and cold.
We got a couch­sur­fer, luck­ly, a guy from the regi­on that had ope­ned an account that same day and was hos­ting a par­ty at his home to which we ended up being a part of.

Next day, we goy almost imme­dia­te­ly to our friend’s hou­se, which alt­hough it was a gre­at time, was most­ley a time to rech­ar­ge bat­te­ry and get to know each other in more dep­th and two days later we were alre­ady on our way to Ger­ma­ny, pas­sing through Gronnin­gen, which is a stu­dent city and is the­re­fo­re ali­ve and in move­ment. In Ham­burg, we would sepa­ra­te again. Things didn’t come as plan­ned though, and we ended up split­ting up in Gronnin­gen, Pra­mi­la taking a bus to Ham­burg and us get­ting a ride to a litt­le vil­la­ge whe­re we had to wild camp again. I have to say, as much as it is thril­ling to wild camp, the next day after you first find a place around 12 in the night and wake up at 5 in the morning, you are pret­ty much dead that day. And you feel the repre­cu­si­ons throught the day.

Anyhow, we made it to Ham­burg that night after pas­sing through Bre­men and in Ham­burg we found a chil­led host that left us sleep till 12 the next morning befo­re we went out to explo­re the city. Ham­burg as a city see­med always gre­at to me, may­be becau­se I have pret­ty good memo­ries of that place. Trhough couch­sur­fing we got to meet a guy who was working in arti­fi­ci­al intel­li­gence and Cate and I love to find out about topics that are out of our nor­mal ones. We met Deb our first night the­re, first with the idea of just having some con­ver­sa­ti­on about his work and may­be to know what takes you to enga­ge in that kind of work. As we got along well, he invi­ted us to go see the labo­ra­to­ry the next day. So we pro­lon­ged our stay in the city and went to see the robots and his work, which I have to say was very inte­res­ting. I don’t have to add that was my first encoun­ter with real robots. They were somehow cute, as dumb as it sounds, like litt­le humans, almost like child­ren. Deb told us that he didn’t think tho­se robots were rese­ar­ching on as a pro­duct for the open mar­ket till at least 20 years, sin­ce they are a work in pro­gress. But we went along so well, that at the end we made him the cra­zy pro­po­si­ti­on to come with us for the next sta­ge of our tra­vel. He accep­ted and the next day we were alre­ady on our way to Copen­ha­gen.

We did at least good 300 kilo­me­ters hitch­hi­king in three which made us very proud and wee got to Copen­ha­gen just in time for the sun­set.


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